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Oasis Spa

Lanna Secrets Hours

Discover the amazing results of Lanna Secrets. First, a Traditional Thai Massage opens blocked energy pathways. Then Thai Herbal Hot Compress dissolves soreness and further releases life energy. Finally, an Aromatherapy Hot Oil Massage brings you to the next level of relaxation and relief through the combination of essential oils and massage therapy.


2. Pampering 2.5 Hours

This ultimate beauty treatment begins with a Honey, Sesame & Cereal body scrub, followe by a full-body Aromatherapy Hot Oil Massage. Once your body feels younger and more alive, your face is pampered with an Oasis Royal Thai Facial Treatment.


3. Hair Spa Package 2.5 Hours

This treatment protects and enriches your hair. The formula of KIN Ocean Breeze Deep Sea Hair Mud (made form Aloe Vera, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Vitamin B5) deeply moisturizes and restores hair to beauty and health. Then you will tingle with a KIN Ocean Breeze. (Aloe Vera) Body Scrub followed by an Aromatherapy Hot Oil Massage.


4.Coconut Nourishing 2.5 Hours

Delight your senses with a Natural Coconut body Scrub to purify and moisturize the skin. Then receive a fresh Coconut Hot Compress Massage that dissolves muscular tension and pain. Finally, a full body worm Coconut Oil Massage completes your journey to renewal.


5.Coco Mango 2.5 Hours

This sweet and savory treatment is your pathway to tropical bliss. First, Mango Sticky Rice Body Scrub of Coconut butter, Shea will delight in a Body Wrap Cocoon that rehydrates dry skin while its tropical fragrance enchants the senses. Next, a Purifying Facial Treatment enhances your complexion. Finally, a warm Coconut Oil Body Massage makes you feel delightful and look delicious.


6. Ayurveda Package 2 Hours

Beginning with the calming drops of worm oil on the forehead and a thorough scalp massage, the treatment continues with an authentic Indian Ayurvedic Massage performed with worm herbal oil. Many find that this treatment prevents illness, promotes healing, while balancing the body, mind and spirit.


7. Oasis Sabai Stone Massage 2 Hours

After applying an Aromatherapy and Swedish Massage to melt away tension and stress, smooth, round, heated basalt stones anr strategically placed on key points of the body to improve the flow of energy and promote harmony. The results and dramatic you walk away feeling reborn.


8. The Magical Four Hand 2 Hours

The treatment begins with an Oriental Foot Reflexology an KIN Ocean Breeze Deep Sea Hair Treatment administered at the same time. Then, experience the Oasis Four Hand Massage, a signature treatmen...this tandem massage by 2 therapists relaxes the nervous system and creates inner harmony - the results are magical! Your whole body will feel lighter and busting with life.


12. Coool Ocean Breeze 4 Hours

Your feet will also benefit from this full-body treatment, Start with hydrotherapy, Thai herbal steam or a foot bath...then your skin will gently exfoliated with KIN Ocean Breeze body scrub, followed by an aloe vera & lavender body wrap, an Ayurvedic body massage and a head, back, shoulder massage. You will complete your journey to serenity with a cooling After Sun Facial Treatment. Show you body some love!


11. Golden Sensation 3 Hours

This treatment will elevate your sense of welbeing. The KIN Secret Charm scrub uses Thai Golden Silk Cocoons, fine sugar and Sal butter to exfoiate your skin. Your feet will love the soothing foot massage. Then Thai massage both relaxes and energizes and is followed by an Aromatherapy massage using essential oils infused with gold and exotic Oriental scents that will melt away lingering tension. After this three-hour journey, you will look and feel Golden - an Emperor or Empress for a day.


10. Oasis Experience 4 Hours

The "experience of lifetime" begins with the vapors of a Thai Herbal Steam followed by a KIN Secret Charms Body Scrub made of Turmeric and Loofa and Shea Butter to exfoliate and then a Morocco Red Clay body Wrap detoxifies the skin. Next, and relaxes deep tension. Finally, you receive a Thai Facial, You will look and feel beautiful inside and out.


9. Oasis Summer Day 3 Hours

Restore and protect your skin from the damage of the sun's rays. The treatment begins with your choice of KIN Ocean Breeze Body Scrub or an Aloe Vera & Lavender Body Warb, followed by a refreshing Aromatherapy Oil Massage and finishes with an After Sun Facial Treatment.


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